Clock syncing your Yamaha Genos - Cubase 12 Transport

Here’s an interesting question for those using the Yamaha Genos as your keyboard with Cubase

I have everything synchronized between the Genos and cubase 12 professional, but there is one issue which I need to resolve. Upon observing the score on the Genos screen I always see it going to the beginning if I stop or press the spacebar of the project at hand. It would be perfect. If the genos would stop exactly the place I’m stopping on the project screen but it doesn’t. I will leave you my photos below of what I am using successfully minus this issue. And thank you for your time and patience.


I would:

  • Enable: Send MIDI Clock in Stop Mode
  • Disable the whole MMC.
  • Double-check the preferences > Transport > Return to Start position on Stop.

Thank you Martin I will give that a try this evening or tomorrow morning

Alan Russell

Did not work my friend if you have any more ideas
I’m listening and thanks

Photos have been updated


The beauty of having the Yamaha Genos “SCORE” to be controlled by Cubase 12 professional gives the arranger, the ability to do punch in and punch out editings, while maintaining automatic harmonies, based on The Voice being used by Genos. Without a solution to the synchronization, does make it a little more tedious, in having the arranger learn the entire track, and lay it down from beginning to ending in one shot. I wish there was a solution for this, but I’m feeling a bit pessimistic.

Alan Russell


Disable the MIDI Timecode follows Project Time option, please.

Make sure, you sent the MIDI Timecode to the correct destination.

I’ll get back to you in 1 hour with the result.



Martin, same issue

Same issue. Is there a way that the Yamaha Genos can control the cubase project?



Cubase cannot behave as slave, sorry.

Understood. I tried every combination with no luck. I guess the Yamaha Genos has its own mind, and will only limit Cubase to starting and stopping the music (not where it left off ) on his score. It’s like a no-win situation, but I will write up a ticket to Yamaha about this discovery.

Thank you for your time and expertise with regards to this matter