Clone and Substitute

I use clone and substitute of clip segments in the montage a lot. The clone files go in the Data folder because I never changed the default. The first clone made is always named the same as the original audio file. The second clone made, a #1 is added. Etc. Is there a good reason not to have the first clone always named with a #1 to differentiate it from the original full length file? If I need to dump the clones in with the original files for some reason, there’s a duplicate name problem.

I could stop using a Data folder, and then the clones would start from #1, but I have a lot of Data folders already, and don’t really want to change the way it’s working right now. But if the clones could always start from #1 whether put in the Data folder or the original file folder, this would never be an issue. It also makes more sense to me for consistency. Is there a reason not to do it that way?

(it also makes it more clear to me I’m editing a clone if it has a number behind it. That’s another reason I wish all the clones had numbers)

No special reason. This is something I could change in a future version (but not 9.5.x)

Thanks PG, that’s great. I’ve been using the feature for many years because I find it so useful for processing small sections of a clip, but I tried making a custom montage duplicate for different sample rate for the first time and ran into this issue. It makes sense for me to quit using the Data folder and have Wavelab put the clone files in with the original files in cases like that, but like I said I have a lot of existing projects where the clones are in the Data folder. I know it’s asking a lot but was it ever considered to have the custom montage duplicate reference more than one new folder?

Or maybe the custom montage duplicate includes subfolders of the new folder already, in where it looks for the new files? I didn’t try that.

I would be more open to put clone files in with the originals if that’s how other programs like Pro Tools or Cubase would do it, but does anyone know if that’s how they would do it?

I may have run into this on occasion in Wavelab (not sure where), but I’ve always felt this to be not ideal. Duplicate names can lead to confusion.