Clone & Substitute

It appears in WL12 that when a clip is C&S’d it now renders the entire parent wave file. Before it would just render the (smaller) clip duration. I prefer the way it used to work.

There is a typo in your message, hence I am not sure what you mean.
Maybe add some screenshot.

Say there is a tick in an audio file in a montage. I typically would split the clip on either side of the noise. This creates a small sliver of a clip maybe a second or two long. I then clone & substitute that sliver. I would then correct the noise in the wav editor. In older versions of WL, the clone would only be the length of that smaller clip. But in WL12 the clone is the length of the entire parent file.

See attached picture. Montage above, resulting clone of highlighted clip below.

Thanks for the detailed explanation. This is not normal indeed. I will see if this can be corrected soon.

Note that a better workflow what you describe, is just to call the following (though you should not do it more than once for a given clip, before saving/reloading the montage, because of a bug (that will be fixed in 12.0.20)):

This will be fixed in WaveLab 12.0.20


Wonderful. Thank You!