Cloner Plugin Bypass Causes Compensation Issue

When inserting the included Steinberg Cloner plugin on an audio track, it works perfectly fine.

When that plugin is bypassed it causes the playback of the unaffected sound to be at the incorrect play point (in this case early).

This happens every time I use the plugin on multiple projects.

So automation can’t be used to bypass it.

OS X 10.12.6
Cubase 10.0.15

Hio James,
I have noticed the same. See my thread :

Its weird but due to the long extra delay of the cloner (much longer than in CB9.5) it is now clear that one should be careful using the bypass for automation. In bypass state the delay compensation is still applied but the audio passing is not passing through the plugins causing the audio to be out of sync.

This is not so much a problem for quick checks what a plugin is doing but not ok to use as part of you mixing strategy. Bypassing a plugin on one of your tracks of a multitrack drum recording could cause phase mismatches.

As long the delay is very short it is normally not a big problem. I my view it is a flaw / fault in Cubase design and should be fixed. No matter the plugin state the delay compensation should be applied correctly!

Also, why the Cloner delay has gone up so much is a big question mark!