Cloner throwing time forward?

Hi, Does anyone know why Cloner seems to push the sound forward when it’s used as an insert(or send?) Even with the mix knob down it pushes the sound early and messes up the timing, other doubler plugs don’t do this, what’s weird is it does it even with the mix knob at 0 I’m sure this isn’t normal behaviour…?

Anyone else experienced this?

Aloha T,

I too have always loved the sound of the ‘Cloner’ plug but like you have had probs with it in one form or another.

One possible work-around with the ‘time’ thang you mentioned:

Is it possible for you to go into the ‘Inspector’ of the offending track
and adjust/compensate for the time discrepancy from there.

I say this because I have to do this with several of the 3rd party plugs that I use.
(mainly IK stuff)

Good Luck!