Cloning alters file names

When fully cloning a montage (New->FromCurrent) I am finding that the newly cloned audio files are having their names altered. Specifically, if there is a space (or spaces) at the end of the file name, but before “.wav”, then the cloning process removes these spaces. This is not desirable. The file names need to be exactly as they were because if the cloned montage is ever put back together with the original files, then they are not found and relinked with the cloned montage.


Original File Name: “Oh I Love You Baby .wav”
Cloned File Name: “Oh I Love You Baby.wav”

Space at the end of a word is considered a mistake because it causes trouble in certain cases. This was discussed there but you can find several references on the internet.

What PG said. Had this problem a couple of times so I just don’t leave a space at the end of my file names anymore. Works GREAT! and there is really no need, IMHO, for an additional space at the end of a file name anyways. One of my clients uses periods in all this compositions…plus he has very long file names and he wants all the file to have the exact name he specifies. At one point he had a file name that was over 60 characters and would not fit on the name bar. I told him we would have to shorten the name and it took him two days to figure out a new name just for the CD. Great composer…a bit wacky on names. Best of luck!

I routinely use file names with a space before the extension; it makes them wrap more sensibly in many circumstances. I have never encountered any problem resulting from this.


what do you mean?

The names look nicer when wrapped under an icon on the desktop or in a folder (I process a lot of pictures and videos, so using an icon representation rather than list or details works well for me); the extension (which I don’t hide, because I like to see what I’m working with) can often go on a line alone instead of being tied up to the last word in the title and causing a wrap in a word.

Sure, it’s purely a personal preference, but it’s one I’ve found I’ve kept to for many years now.