Cloning plug-ins

Does Nuendo have a shortcut for cloning plug-ins like pro tools does so you can just copy a plug-in to another channel either with or without settings? Tnx Steve

If you’re in the mixer you can ALT-drag from one insert slot to another. That’ll be a copy/clone of the plugin. Can’t recall which modifier key it’s on a Mac. Doing it just by a key command I’m not sure.

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Opt-Drag on Mac.


Yes and you can also drag the entire insert section (for example) to copy all inserted plugins, (using the modifier key).

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Hi Phil - really like your music - sound. Do you work in Atmos. Message me if you like…s

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Thanks, very kind of you. :grinning:

Yes a lot of my livestreams are Atmos tutorials and I have many Atmos complete jobs released for various artists etc. :slight_smile:

I see you have 9.1.4 in your room and have done plenty of this too, that is amazing and great to hear.

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Hi Phil - Have one of your vids running on the big tv now.

My problem is I am very focused on what i want to do and too much information overwhelms me, lol. E.g. I don’t play an instrument.

I want to use the Dolby package not the renderer that comes with Nuendo so I need instruction based on that… Yes 9.1.4 also headphones. Just wondering if i should start with 7.1.2.

I am still not clear on when and why a bed and/or object. …steve

PS I am coming from Pro Tools HD, TDM on a PC - to Nuendo on a Mac M1, so lots of learning to do

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Yes understood, it is a tough one to sum in short paragraphs tbh. My streams have some decent info but due them being live they are very waffly in places and there are some odd blunders. Generally a good sleep-aid though. :slight_smile:

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lol - good just tmi for an old guy to take in. Hope we can chat sometime - 2300 here in SOCAL …s

Same for the delivery :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

For sure. Although I am 11-12 hours opposite you (11am here in DXB). All my contact info is in the signature. :slight_smile:

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