Cloning Samples Drive

I’ve run out of room on the drive where I keep my samples, loops, sfx, vst instruments, etc. I’d like install a NEW hard drive while keeping the old one as well, keeping my SFX on the old drive and moving all else to the new drive. But I’m worried about things like registry entries, Kontakt library locations, mediabay db, etc. Anyone know of a good way of moving things around without too much disruption?

The best way is to clone your entire drive to a bigger one.
For such purpose (including for system disks) I use a free backup software AOMEI Backupper Standard.

This software has a disk cloning feature. It’s easy to use.
1/ Mount your new drive (if you don’t have any SATA port ready you can use an USB to SATA adapter for this purpose).
2/ Start the software, select “Disk Clone” option under the “Clone” tab.
3/ Select Source and Target disks
4/ “Edit partitions on the destination disk” to resize partition(s) to it’s max
5/ press “Start”…

That’s it,
Shut down your computer, swap the drives and you’re ready to go.

Hope this helps,

Thanks so much for the post Bernard. I’ll give it a try.