close barlines at end of system

Hi to y’all!

I love Dorico and the way it works for you instead of against you as I also felt this this way!! This has to be said again.

I wanted to ask if I can close the barlines at the end of systems (just like the beginning of systems) as this is clearer in reading the score, especially when the systems are rather close to each other.

Thanks in advance!

We don’t yet have an option for this, Frank, but it’s on our wish list so I hope we’ll be able to add it relatively soon.

Hi Daniel!

A year ago I asked this question about closing barlines at the end of systems. Has this feature been implemented yet? It was on your wishlist so I am curious…

Thanks in advance,

Furthermore I would be interested in teaching / demoing Dorico to other people. Is tha still wanted?

No, I’m afraid this has not yet been implemented, but it remains on our wishlist.

My colleague John is collecting names for people who are interested in becoming Dorico trainers, so if you haven’t already, please email him at j dot barron at steinberg dot de.

Thanks Daniel!

Looking forward to the upcoming update, looks incredibly good!

And I will contact John.

Have a good day!