Close edit fade window when clicking “ok”

Hi, since the N8 to N10 update I’ve noticed that we have to close “manually” the fade editor window instead of it closing automatically when clicking “ok” like the previous versions. Just like many new features that Steinberg introduces, there’s also changes that lead to a more complicated and time consuming workflow.
Am I missing something regarding this issue?



This change is by design. The idea is, you can keep the window open all the time.


Hi Martin,
but even if I keep it open all the time, a new window is opened when I double-click to edit the next fade.
(at least on 10.2)

Hi and welcome,

Do you mean you have 2 windows then?

Thanks Martin,
that’s right. I double-click in the corner above the fade which automatically opens an Fade-Editor Window. Even if I leave it open, I need to double-click above the next fade in order to edit it. This opens a new Fade-Editor Window directly on top of the first one, leaving me having to close down multiple windows afterwards.


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

I cannot reproduce it here. Once I double-click the other Audio Event, the content of the Fade In window is replaced by the new Audio Event.

Same here


Do you have the latest Nuendo 10.3 update installed, please?

Hi Martin,

I’ve restarted Nuendo (still on 10.2 because I’m mid project) in Safe Mode and it seems nothing has changes concerning the Fade_Editor Windows. This also happens whether the ‘Simple Crossfade Editor’ options in the preferences is checked or not btw.



I was thinking it was in the older versions, but I can’t reproduce it in Nuendo 10.2.10 neither.

Thanks for checking Martin,

I’ll see if it stays like this when I upgrade to the 10.3.

So, I think, it’s very unusability, even in v10. It would be better, for me, the changes are directly on the clip, and not if the OK button is pressed via mouse. Now, only by keybouard I can’t change the fades in the fade editor.

Also, until v8 the fade editor window was closing by hotkey, now this is not…