Close fade dialogue box when hitting “apply”


Noticed that this workflow changed from N8 up. Is there a way to have this function back ? Meaning the fades dialogue box automatically closes when hitting “apply”. Is there a workaround or is this a new “feature”?


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:+1: please please please

+1 yes please!!

My suggestion is to have either two buttons (“Apply”, “Apply + Close”), or the option for using modifiers to achieve the same results (eg. Alt+“Apply” for “Apply + Close”).

There’s no workaround for this “new feature”, aside from a keystroke or a wide “ key command “. Either way, it’s another step to achieve that goal.

Thanks for the reply, but a Rant is on its way to Steinberg. This, and so many other issues, are a breaking point from a 15+ years old Nuendo user.