Close gaps by moving events

Hello people

I’m wondering if there’s a way to close gaps between audio by shifting each one to start at the previous event’s end? (NOT by time-stretching i.e. the ordinary “close gaps” function)

I have a half-hour recording take of a synth performance, which I then went through and cut up into segments that I wanted, deleting the unwanted events. Now I wish to close the gaps between the events so that they are touching in one big part and playing seamlessly, there are hundreds of clips now so moving each event into a grouping is highly tedious.

Is that possible? I tried a few different things and had a look around key-commands but can’t figure this out.

Help would be greatly appreciated


yep, i use the following macro to do this:

transport - locate selection end
navigate - right
edit - move to cursor

assign to a keyboard shortcut.

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Thanks, it’s working.

Although this way you have to spam the command or hold it down which isn’t ideal but i’ll get used to it; its working nonetheless, so i’m a happy bunny!


glad to help.

and yes, there is no way, natively, to have all the events ‘stick’ together all at once using a macro, i think. this solution works okay enough for me, it’s rather fast.