Close lid or shut down?

Who of you mobile warriors never shuts down their computer?

I find if I do not fully shut down from time-to-time, I have blue screens and all other kinds of nightmares requiring me to use System Restore.

Best to shut down. Hibernate and sleep can cause audio drivers (among others) to become unstable. Check your power settings and see what closing the lid is set up to do (I.e. Shut down, sleep, hibernate, or nothing).

Aloha guys
and just to chime in

I always shut my studio 'puter but my laptop
(which I use live on weekends) never gets shut.

I just quit Cubase and then close the lid and the next time I open it
(to transfer projects etc) it works fine.

Been using this same ax for almost 6 years now.

Just got a new one for xmas.
Here is hoping it exhibits the same behavior.
Good Luck!

If i don’t put the lid down, the wife gets really pissed and threatens to shut me down IFYKWIMAITYD :laughing:

geez Robin!I thought you would have gotten to know that by now. My dogs mess with that if I don’t put the lid down!

on a serious note, my MacBook laptop that’s not used for studio work always has the lid shut. Never have any issues.