Close montage while rendering

I just noticed that you can now close a montage before it’s done rendering. I don’t remember this being the case. Is this a bug or a change with the new watch folder programming?

For example, I have a montage with 5 audio files in it. The files get progressively shorter. I render file one at a time with a new render command for each file. Since I have some UAD plugins, the render of the longest file takes a long time to complete.

I always render the shortest file last and because it goes quickly, I now have the option to close the montage because the spinning render wheel normally on the motange tab when a file is rendering goes away and the x icon is now present, meaning I can quickly close the montage by pressing it.

In the past, Wavelab would say I can’t close the montage because background tasks are happening. Now I can close the montage even with background tasks happening.

Is this normal now?

I can’t close a montage while it is rendering, here. How do you do that?

It’s something I just noticed, but try this:

Make an audio track in Wavelab a montage with a long audio file or series of files. Apply some plugins that cause a slow render time to the montage master. For me a few UAD plugins can cause a slow render to help exaggerate the problem but I’m sure there are others like most in the iZotope RX4 bundle.

Make a 2nd audio track in the same montage with a much shorter audio file.

Mute track 2 for now and have track 1 un-muted.

Use the render command to render “whole montage” with just track 1 active.

Now mute track 1 while the render is working and un-mute track 2.

Render track 2 and make sure it finishes rendering well before track 1 is done rendering.

When the short render of track 2 is done, I can now close the montage even though the background task is still happening for the track 1 render.

I can provide I video if that helps. It’s like Wavelab gets confused because since the latest render command finishes quickly, it thinks it is safe to close the montage and doesn’t see the long render still happening.

I see. You render the same montage several times in parallel. This is allowed, but it seems you have found a case where WaveLab gets confused.

Yes, for one client I master all “in the box” and they have some various alternate versions of a song.

So, I line each version up on it’s own track and dial in the mastering settings of the full version on the montage master. Then I mute all the tracks and render each WL track one at a time because I have to give each version a unique name in the render dialogue.

I feel that before, I could never close a montage while it was rending, I would get an error message about background tasks. Yesterday I accidentally closed a montage before it was done rendering and discovered it allowed me to. This manly is possible to notice when using a set of plugins that take a long time (like UAD). If I use just a few native plugins, they render so fast I couldn’t recreate this.

I did notice that I can’t fully close Wavelab if there is still a render happening but it does seem confused and says “untitled is still being processed” or something like that.