Close project / quit Cubase taking a long time

I have a few big project with a lot of Kontakt 6 (player) and East West Play instances. They take a long time to open (5-6 minutes) but that’s somewhat expected. What’s more surprising is that it takes a really long time for Cubase to exit (or to close the project) with one of these loaded. For the largest project (~50 Play instances, ~20 Kontakt) it takes 14:45; over twice as long as opening. That project uses ~135GB of RAM, so I understand it needs time to free up all that memory, but I would not expect it to take that much longer than allocating the memory plus loading all the plugins/mixer/etc. at startup.

I’ve seen a few references to issues like this on the forum here but no real conclusions, so I have a couple of questions:

1.) Is this expected/normal?

2.) Are there any steps that can be taken to speed it up?

1: Normal - Yes, Expected - Not really
2: Render your VSTi to audio when you are finish writing the song.

People who work with large templates like this usually use VEPro. That way you don’t have to wait for all the instruments to unload/reload when you open and close projects.

I’d prefer not to have to go to VE pro and deal with extra complexity and possible latency.

Sooo, what happens if I just “End Task” Cubase? I’m a little afraid to try it; I don’t want to screw anything up, but is anyone doing that regularly?

I’m on Mac . Used to do this with me a lot on 10.0. I found it was saving the project to somewhere it didn’t like, sorted it in the end.Use default save locations.
If you want , save your file then End Task or Force Quit ( mac). It was always Ok with me but you sound like you have a humongous size project.