Close project


How can I close any project?

All of my project sounds, like the Buffer size is too small, in Cubasis. I’m afraid, the reason is, I have opened too much projects. There is “e” icon by 6 of my projects, what means, it’s open, I guess. And this is the reason, why there are drop-outs in the sound.

How can I close ayn project, please?

the ‘e’ symbol beside a project name is used to change the project name. Hit the ‘e’ and a dialogue box comes up for you to rename your project.

The ‘e’ symbol does not indicate that the project is still open.

OK, so there is only one project opened, at the time?

Do you have any suggestion, how to solve my problem? It sounds, like the buffer size is too low.

You might want to look at my setup tips video to help optimize performance.

Thanks a lot! My iPad was optimized. I just switched Off Reverbs, and it works. OK, it’s not computer, it’s just an iPad. :slight_smile:

Anyway, thank you!