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I seem not to be able to close a project (and return to Hub), meaning that each change of project requires a re-start of VST Live. I’d be grateful for any insights.



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I also recognized, that “File/Close” does nothing. But you can open any other project and the previous will be closed. There is no need to close the file seperatly.
You can open Hub directly through the menue with a menue point called “Hub” ;).

Then, I think, it will be the best to remove the “File/Close” item from the menue.

… I am not quite sure about that one. Let me try to give you a workflow

  • Start VL, Hub is visible
  • Select “New Project”
  • [do something]
  • Save Project
  • Select “File / New” to see HUB again.

Now you can select “Open Other”, “New Project”, “Select a Recent Project” or cancel the HUB to return to your current project.

What am I missing?

… open a Plug-In Editor. Now you can select “File / Close” to close the editor.
… open the LAYERS tab as a “Breakout Windows” with the “->” button (upper, left corner). You can now select “File / Close” the Breakout Window, too.

That means, the “File / Close” action will close any additional window if it has the focus. But it will not close the main-window. The bug is that “File / Close” needs to be disabled if the main window has the focus.

Okay, @Falfango and @RonBlack?


Thanks for everyone’s thoughts and help.

Michael, thanks very much for clarifying the various routes through to working on a subsequent project - but I find the current procedure with File/Close rather counter-intuitive. Comparing to a parallel Steinberg app (Dorico), if I close the project, I get taken out to the Hub directly. In Spectralayers, closing the project takes me to a ‘neutral state’ of the program. More widely, e.g. in Office applications, closing the document takes you to a file/action chooser akin to the Hub or again to a neutral state… The issue is not that you can’t get to the Hub via other routes but rather you can’t get to the Hub by finishing what you have been working on.

Hope this clarifies where I’m coming from - though I’m quite happy to do things differently in VST Live - but I was puzzled.




Dorico has the action “Close All”. If you use that action all windows will be closed and the Hub will be opened. Cubase, on the other hand, has “Close” and if use that one, the main window will be closed and nothing happens. No Hub will be opened.
VL is a one single-project-only application. There should be always a project visible and loaded. I guess it’s a philosophical question if the main-window should be closable and the hub should then appear.

We’ll disable the “Close” function when only the main window is visible. And don’t forget the main behind “Close” is that you can close any other window with it. It also has a short-key for it “Cmd+W/Ctrl+w”.

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