Close Score/Open Score

In making a choral score, it is often necessary in the interest of space to switch between open to close score. Arrow lines are used to indicate this. I haven’t found a palette for lines/arrows in Dorico nor a workaround. Any ideas?


Copy and paste system dividers from here into text objects as described in this thread?
Custom lines and arrows have not been implemented yet.

Thanks a lot!

“Custom lines and arrows have not been implemented yet.”

Does anyone have a clue about when we will have an custom line/arrow tool? (I use this feature in all my pieces so I can not use dorico yet…)

No one who has any clue when any given feature will be implemented has–or is likely to–release it until the Team is ready to announce its plans for the next update. Daniel and the rest of the Team have been very clear about this.

It may not be entirely acceptable, but you could probably find a dingbat font with arrows you could enter as text. That way, you’d have a functional placeholder until Dorico implements the feature.

Take a look here: