Close w/o backup

I would call it right this way - “Autosave Priority” or maybe some of you generate better name of this function. I will explain.
If I open a project and working on it for some 20 minutes, then I think all my activities not worth to save and I close with answering No to question about saving. But what’s happening in the background? Cubase does autosave at specified interval and let’s say it is 15 minutes. So even I save or not, autosave did its job 5 minutes before I close with no saving. Next time I open project, I will get message that backup is newer than project file. And here starts the crossroad and I spent some time to understand which way is safer. But it’s okay - if I choose not to open backup, it will delete it and I open project, otherwise backup will be renamed to projectname-01.cpr and will open.

But in my opinion it would be great that there will be some logic in deep - if I choose not to save project, then why I need backup? If some will say Cubase can crash and that backup is only saver. Okay! But in case Cubases crashes, no one was clicking button “Don’t save”. Right?

So the logic should be - if user click “Don’t save” on exit warning messagebox, then Cubase should remove all backups that was created since last Save.

Huuu, I hope my “nice” English Sprache ist gut genug :wink: