Closed Dorico Now Cubase, eLicenser, Won't Start

This has happened to me a couple of times. I open Dorico 4, work a bit then close it. Then I try to open Cubase 11 and I get a licensing error. I start the eLicenser and get a “other programs are running that prevent this from running” error. Neither Dorico or Cubase are shown running in Task Manager. However I can reopen Dorico with no problem. Any info appreciated, thanks. (Windows 10 Pro up to date)

Update - reboot solved the eLicenser problem but Cubase will still not start. Dorico will.

NOT SOLVED - my eLicenser version was off by ONE NUMBER. Old was I had to reboot and then I downloaded and installed Cubase has started normally. UPDATE: After closing Cubase I was able to launch Dorico. After Closing Dorico and trying to run Cubase I got the error again - “Application Cubase / Cubase Artist has caused the following error. Process with ID not found.” HELP.

UPDATE - closing “Protected Object Server” in Windows Task Manager seems to fix this. It’s like Dorico 4 is not closing that process on exit. I have projects DUE and need these programs to FUNCTION. PLEASE HELP.


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

Thank you, Martin!

Hi @reberclark - it is true that the Protected Object Server process (which talks to the eLicenser) will keep running after Dorico has quit, but it should only do this for a short time, e.g. on my PC it keeps running for about 15 seconds. Could you try leaving it and seeing whether it quits eventually? The other thing to check is whether there is a VST Audio Engine process that is still running - this is the process that Dorico uses for hosting VSTs (including HSSE). It could be that this is not quitting properly, and this could also be using the Protected Object Server - if so the problem could be related to a particuar VST that somehow stops the audio engine from closing down correctly.

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Hi @Richard_Lanyon and thanks for the reply. The Protected Object Server indeed keeps running for almost 20 seconds when I close Dorico 4 and almost 15 seconds when I close Cubase 11. No VST Audio Engine processes seem to be running after closing either program. As per usual I am probably moving too fast for my, and my computer’s, own good! Thanks again.