Closing Cubase 10.5

Hi everyone,

Closing a project in Cubase happens almost instantly but closing Cubase itself takes about 20 seconds. Why is this? I have disabled the Hub and have about 6 other plugins besides those that came with Cubase 10.5. Of those, some are purchased and some are free. Many thanks.

Cubase saves all your Preferences when it closes which takes awhile. FYI this means if Cubase crashes when closing you might loose any Preferences changes made during that session. But when a Project closes nothing else happens besides closing the file.

While this question is not specific to Cubase 10 or 8, you did post this in the Cubase 8 sub-forum but you reference Cubase 10.5 in the subject line. :wink:

Thanks for the answer, Raino. I see that I posted the question in the Cubase 8 area - probably due to the fact, I’ve had too many birthdays :slight_smile:! I changed my shortcut to the Cubase 10 area.

One thing that remains a mystery is I have selected the option to be notified of any responses to my questions in both my Profile and on every post. Not once, have I had an email notification come in to indicate that someone has responded. I don’t know why.

That’s been messed up for quite awhile now. A couple years back the forum had a meltdown and was down for awhile. Before that you’d get email notifications within a few minutes of a reply. Right afterward the notifications would be delayed by days, literally. Nowadays I get the emails anywhere from 1 to 6 hours late. Try turning notifications off and on again.

There is a sub-forum for forum issues. You can post there about not getting notifications.

Thanks, Raino. Glad it’s not just me. I was just notified through email that you had replied. That’s about 7 hours after you replied. Not bad. At least I was notified this time :slight_smile:.

Another thing they could do is ditch the Quick Reply box. Give us the Full Editor by default. Most forum sites do that now. Inevitably, you start a one or two-line reply and end up wanting the Full Editor. On occasion, I’ve lost the original message text after switching to the full editor. The nicest software I’ve seen for forums is written by Simple Machines.