Closing/ deselecting tracks in project window

Is there a way to close/ deselect tracks other than ctrl+click? Having had shoulder surgery, I have to work with one hand, and all these ctrl+click ops are hard to do. Especially this one.
I have my selected tracks expanded vertically, but I don’t want them to stay expanded when I have finished working on them.

If this is not possible, I would like to make feature request to add a button in the track controls that deselects/ closes the track. I would make it easier to work with one hand.

I asked Microsoft’s Copilot AI to write a Project Logical Editor Preset to do this. While I haven’t tried using the results, they look correct to me (and Copilot turns out to be good at this).

Just a side tip, you might want to explore using gaming mouse with extra programmable buttons you can assign to Cubase Key Commands.

I’ll look into that ple preset. The gaming mouse could be the solution though.
Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m totally not a gamer, but I got one some years ago. It’s really handy to have buttons for the things you do the most right on the mouse.