closing effect/plugin window from Eucon controller (Artist Mix)

Hello Cubase users,

I have a question that might have been asked before but I still can find an answer to… I hope one of you can help…
I’m using Cubase 10.5 with a Avid artist mix…
I can add effect to an insert slot from the artist mix. Call them, edit them… al from the Artist Mix without using my mouse… The only thing I can’t do is closing the effect windows from the Artist Mix. So I still have to grab the mouse (or keyboard) to close the effect window after I finished editing the parameters.
Does anybody know how I can do this from the Artist Mix…



You can assign any shortcut in the Artist Mix, if I’m right. Assign Esc, which would close the most front window (or do other Esc action).

Or you can assign the command: Windows > Close All Plug-in Windows from Cubase. Obviously, this would close the only one active plug-in window, but all of them.