Closing Plugins on Channel select

Is it possible to automatically close all open Plugins when selecting another track on the Project screen?

For example, I’m working on the Kazoo track and there are several open plugins on screen. I now want to change to the Castenets track, but it seems I have to manually close all of the plugins on the Kazoo track before changing to the Castenets track otherwise the Kazoo track’s plugins remain open when the Castenets track is active.

It would be nice if all of the plugins would close when changing tracks.

I was expecting a Preference setting for this but could not find one.

Not exactly what you want but there is a nice KC entry, “Mixer - Windows: Close All Plug-Ins”. It’s so handy.

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I’ve assigned Ctrl+Alt+C to ‘Windows: Close All Plug-ins’ which works perfectly on the Project screen and the MixConsole.