Closing popovers with <Esc>

Hi, Dorico team.

Normally, when I open a popover (key, dynamics, …) and close it pressing , whatever has already been entered into the popup is being discarded. This is true for all but one popover: the System Text popover (+X) does not discard its content, but the content stays in the score.

Is this intended behaviour?

Greets, Estigy

I’m gonna guess that it’s intended behaviour - the Shift-X and Shift-Alt-X popovers are the only ones in which hitting a Enter creates a line break. It’s a necessary inconsistency.

Yes, I thought that it could be connected to that.
But while I totally understand the inconsistency regarting the Enter key, I see no reason why Esc should not discard my changes.

At least that’s when I stumbled upon it: During some creative process I started to enter some directions above a flute part but decided otherwise while typing. I was so baffled by the text staying in the score that I immediately had to try it on other popovers to see if I had missed something and they would also behave like that :joy:

For those of us that reach for the mouse as little as possible, it would be a real irritation if Esc discarded changes in the Shift-X popover. Either we’d have to reach for the mouse to end editing that item, or another key would have to be used specifically for confirming a popover - that implementation would be just as inconsistent as the current behaviour, if not more so…

Personally I would be inclined to make the behaviour consistent by making Esc close all popovers without deleting the contents.

Then at least you would have two consistent but different behaviours, one for all popovers, the other for all dialog windows.

In general the only reason you call up a popover is because you want to create something. If you change your mind, you can always delete it either with Undo or by Delete. If you accidentally call up a popover because Dorico thought you wanted to edit an existing object, hitting Esc would leave it unchanged.

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I always end inputs into the Shift-X popover with Ctrl+Enter?
(And I did not even need to consult the manual for this, it was intuitive to me.)

If they were to make it consistent (i. e. have Esc close the popover) there would have to be a different key (combination) to enter line breaks. I know that (on Mac, at least) Alt-Enter is usually used for that but it might be too obscure for average users. So, I guess the current approach is the most intuitive/least complicated for average non-savvy users.

I didn’t know Ctrl+Enter worked in Dorico, but it is inconsistent with some other programs which use Enter to terminate text input, and Ctrl+Enter to create a new line.