Closing the active project in macOS using CMD+W

Hi! On macOS, users use CMD+W to close windows in apps and CMD+Q to close apps.
CMD+Q works.
CMD+W doesn’t.

Please add this possibility to Dorico. Thank you!

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Have you tried CMD+Shift+W ?


Thank you for the tip. It would’ve been nice though to have the same combination as in other apps…

Command W is currently assigned to Close Tab. You can close a project while it still has multiple tabs open, so closing a project needs a different command.

However, you can change the Key Command in Dorico > Preferences, to whatever you prefer.


You will have to change the Close Tab command to – you could swap the commands, so that Command Shift W is for Close Tab.


Isn’t that the exact same combination in Sibelius? But hey, I feel your pain, I have been through this too until I got used to it…

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Thank you. But… how did you add to your post buttons?
I’m referring to these:

< kbd > and < /kbd > (with no spaces).

I spend so much time in Dorico that I frequently press Command Shift W in other apps, and wonder why nothing’s happening!


Shift is standard for closing the whole window in tabbed applications, such as web browsers. The difference in Dorico is that W doesn’t allow you to close the only tab. I quickly got used to this, as a safeguard.


Yes, as Mark points out, the same setup is used in Safari.


So it’s not ‘non-standard’.