Closure of 'MS4 compared to Dorico' thread

Why was the ‘MS4 compared to Dorico’ thread closed?

There was some digression but generally, the signal to noise ratio wasn’t too bad.

The information is all there in the thread.


I’ve already acknowledged that there was some digression (as is often the case) but I’m surprised that the thread was closed on request.

Was there really nothing to add? The thread was only open for one day!

I run several Discourse servers, and it’s hard to prevent threads from getting hijacked. But why close this really interesting topic? A polite request to move talk of open source concepts to a new topic was all that was needed. I saw no offensive ad hominem attacks. Closure seems rather harsh. Does this mean we are no longer allowed to discuss MuseScore in competition and comparison to Dorico? That seems rather repressive to me.

If I reopen a new topic on MuseScore is it going to be moderated out?

I’m guessing in this case it was more that the thread starter requested it closed, which seems fair. I thought it was an interesting thread so wouldn’t mind seeing the discussion continue on another thread.


I wasn’t around at the point one of my fellow moderators decided to close the thread, but I’ve moved the sub-thread about open source software out into its own thread and reopened the original one.

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