cloud backup for selected preferences - unify settings

For people like myself, that alternative between different platforms (PC and Mac) and Nuendo and Cubase often (cubase until the Nuendo update with Cubase features comes out), I often find myself copying around preferences between different folders and programs.
It’s a PITA and in this day and age should be a lot easier.

So, the suggestion is to have a built in tool linked to the Profiles, that allows you to backup your preferences in the cloud (Dropbox, Google, or even SB’s own cloud?) with multiple versions and selective restore.

So, for example, let’s say I’ve done a new install of Nuendo 8 on the PC, whereas I usually work on Cubase on the Mac.
On the Mac, I’ve backed up all my preferences to the cloud; when I boot up N8 on the PC, the pref restore tool will show me which program I used, on what platform and at what date; I can then selectively restore certain preferences to my current installation.
Sometimes I want to reinstall all preferences; sometimes just key commands, or program settings, or (wahay) my color set.

I would also like to suggest something that unifies all settings; right now preferences pertain mainly to program settings; but what about VST presets, or the studio setup including port names, generic remote settings and preferences for Eucon or the CC121?
I would love to be able to back them all up with one click and restore them to a new installation, or my current one.

Logic does it very nicely. Like more and more programs, it’s storing it’s user settings like presets and program settings into the user’s documents folder. There you have one folder with subfolders for presets, program settings etc. You just zip that up or sync it to Dropbox to another computer and everything is there.

You can do such a thing “kinda”. You have to work with User Profiles in the File>Profile Manager menu. There you can export your current profile and import it into another program. It’s extra steps of exporting and importing, but it worked for me.

Profile Manager does some extraction magic and gets only the portions of all the config files relevant to your profile. Of course it would be nice if we had a user folder where settings would be saved in and that they were not scattered around in 50 files and subfolders. This way you could just sync this user folder and every time Nuendo starts it read the latest settings and presets from the hard drive. But the profile manager works.

I don’t think this saves VST Presets. And I don’t know about port names or CC121 prefs.