Cloud issue!!!!

It is ironic as I do not use or want to use the cloud facilities in Cubase but I feel it is being forced upon me. Every time I export an audio file Cubase opens Windows explorer and tries to contact the Cloud. Of course my Computer is not connected to the internet except when updating or installing. I have searched everywhere to turn off this feature to no avail. I’m hoping someone can help.

don’t know if this will help but worth a try:

on the Export Audio Mixdown Screen there is a new ‘Post Process’ option and if ‘Upload to Soundcloud’ is selcted your browser will open after the export completes. You can just unselect it or completely uninstall as in the above post.

as well as that you could uninstall VSTtransit if you want.

let us know if this solves it.

Very helpful with Cubase 8. I have only just installed 8.5 and it is not doing it here which is good for my blood pressure. Thank you.