Cloud Nine

Hi everyone. Long time no see. Working on on a new tune atm. Any comments ?

Thanks in advance !


Happy new year btw !

a real catchy vibe and a tight arrangement… I like it a lot and thanks for posting


Great arrangement and mix.
Thumbs up! Great song!

A good song and up to your usual very good production standards…it’s a shame you dont visit the forum more often.


Thank you so much really ! Really appreciate your comments :slight_smile: And you are right Shadowfax. Will try to do something about that.

Greetings from Oslo, Norway


Nice and cohesive mix, everything works well together and has a nice space, really love those synths. I’ve really enjoyed some of your previous stuff, but the melodies don’t do anything for me this time.

Hey, welcome back :slight_smile:
I like the track but I feel it sounds too much like ‘man enough to cry’. The drums and bass are practically identical in both tracks, it’s the first thing I thought of when the song started. Not saying that it’s bad, but I wouldn’t mind some more creativity/variety :wink:
Belated happy new year!

Wow… definitely one of my favorites. I love the ambiance in particular, the piano, guitar and acoustic drums paired with the background synths sounds great. Fantastic mix, crystal clear and volumes seem to be perfect across the board. The vocal fits great with the rest of the instruments, lyrics are sound. In particular, that bridge was perfect, bringing it down and making it so the rest isn’t monotonous. Great job, can’t wait to hear more :wink:

Very cool!

Catchy tune and a nice, clear mix. I dig it.

Hey ! Thanks for all constructive and nice feedback from all of you ! I really appreciate that !

Greetings from Oslo, Norway

Knut :slight_smile:

VERY good song and production. Very impressive!!! Wow.

Good song! Like the vocalist, nice production, arrangement and mix too. I did wonder… the part that starts at 3:11… if that might be better to stay down 'till 3:20? Hard to say without actually hearing that way though.

good stuff. :sunglasses:

Nice song and very energetic chorus, i like the voice - which mic and preamp you using for recrding voice ?

Again, thank you so much indeed to everyone !! Thanks for listening and thanks for the feedback !

@ Ruslan … not high tech stuff, but the vocal signal chain is like this ; Audio Technica 4050 mic > Vintagedesign M73D > FMR Audio PBC-6A compressor (gentle, not pushed hard) > sound card (RME Fireface 800)

And then tweaking inside Cubase. HP filter > EQ (Waves API mostly) > Compressor (Same waves API, or LA3A) > Soundtoys Decapitator (sometimes) > Soundtoys Echoboy

And sometimes send reverb (relab LX480 … which doesnt work (open up) in Cubase anymore for some reason - but i have replaced it with NI’s reverbs (Rc 24 and 48) which is also pretty great i think)

Knut :slight_smile:

i wrote too much probably … when i think about it …

Mic : Audio Technica 4050. Preamp : Vintagedesign M73D


audiorommet - thanx for your answer , technical details is never enough :smiley:

Most of us here is not Alan Parsons with his hundred thousand ( or even millions ) studio stuff, it is why i asked.
I liked how your voice sounded and recorded, so for that reason i wanted to know , because it is important from limited amount of normal studio gear get maximum good and pro quality.
By the way 4050 is good mic and and Vintagedesign M73D - is also some kind of Neve… so your stuff is right.
I have got much simple tools. :wink: