Cloud - Patch Database

I’d love to see an online database via cloud for all user patches (including ratings).

If I tweak a patch i padshop pro and save it, it should be saved to a cloud. When I log into another computer and login to the steinberg cloud, that patch is in my list to be used. Would be so nice rather than saving everything manually.

More cloud utilization for Steinberg is what I’m suggesting.



That model always ends up as software rental (subscription service). You could always set up something like this yourself, for example sync your patches folder with your own personal “cloud” service. I am against the idea of it being built into Cubase. Patches are just files, after all.

Mr., agreed. The only issue with that is, when setting up your computers (in the case you wipe your drive or get a new pc/mac) you always have to set up the settings by redirecting to these folders.

A SB cloud would automatically do it.

And yea, I’d pay for that feature monthly if I needed to.