Cloud Sharing

Hello! Will Dorico ever have a cloud service? It would really make easier to keep working with dorico files on laptop and ipad at the same time.

iCloud is supported. Has some issues presently in my experience, maybe if you only use it on macs it’s fine.

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Welcome to the forum, Samuel. As Dan says, you can use iCloud, for which Dorico has special support, but you can also use e.g. Dropbox, OneDrive, and the like. Dorico’s not clever enough to update an open project on two devices in real time, so you can’t use features like Hand-off or Continuity on macOS with Dorico projects.

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I use Dropbox and it works very well.

I really appreciate Dorico when I leave the project open on the studio computer, then work on that project at home on my laptop and when I return to the studio, Dorico reminds me that I worked on that project at home and asks me what I want to do.

Thank you again to the entire Dorico team for such great work.


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