"Cloud" "Something About You"

please listen to these 2 popsongs, written by an 19 year old former pupil of mine.
I was working as music-teacher in school for 40 years, wrote 5 musicals and now I try to produce this singer.
He wrote text, melody, chords and sings, I do the rest.
“Cloud” Cloud - YouTube
“Something About You” Ayham - Somethin' about You (Official Lyrics Video) - YouTube
You mya find him at the other streaming platforms as well.
Perhaps you may wirite a comment for me to learn about producing “pop-songs”.

Thank You for spending time
Best regards

Hi Klaus,
First of all it is a great and positive effort to help young singers on the way in writing and singing their own songs. I can give you some ( non objective) feedback and please keep this in mind.
First of all the voice is really nice, it is a type of voice you hear in all the contemporary R&B produced songs. Your approach and mixing style has a different background i think and hear.
For the mix I would suggest to try and restart from scratch. ( you will know the killing your darlings principle ) Rearrange the sounds, try E piano, much softer and supporting /blending his mellow voice, way way less reverb, EQ the acoustic guitar warmer it is very thin an harsh now. Where’s the bass? i didn’t hear a bass only a deep kick and very ambient mixed drum.Try a close miked drum sound . Add more bridge/verse arranging changes. This song and voice have a lot of potential, just give it another sounddesign. Still great job!

ps: listen to the artist Kinnship…you’ll what i mean.

Great of you to help your former student. I might suggest you ask your student about favorite artists. The voice sounds right for pop, I think. Your student is probably going for a particular sound and style.

I was having trouble understanding a lot of the lyrics. He seems to mumble a little too much.