Cloud Storage

Built-in cloud storage. Microsoft is rolling out unlimited cloud storage with Office 360 subscriptions ($60 per year or cheaper). Others will follow. Would be nice to save my songs somewhere in case my house burns down.

Windows already has that, and I assume Mac OS does as well? There are plenty of third-party solutions which will work perfectly well to do what you want, I can’t see that it needs to be “built in” as most operate at an OS/folder level anyway?

There´s Gobbler already

I would like to simply select “sync to cloud storage” at the end of the night and not have to do anything else also I don’t want another program such as Gobbler. Would like it built-in to Cubase as I originally stated.

You could always save directly to dropbox - this is what I do :wink:

Need a sync feature and it should be automatic. A better option would be to save it to Dropbox using Microsoft Sync Toy but again, I don’t want another step in there. If you use Microsoft Sync Toy, you would understand the difference between simply saving something to another place and what I want to do.

I still can’t see why this would need to be integrated into Cubase - what you’re describing is something which is a completely different function set and seems to me to be well covered by plenty of other solutions available in the market.

I’ve used Sync Toy (and tools that work properly too), I still don’t think you’ve made it clear what you want, anyway, or more to the point what wouldn’t be covered by existing cloud storage services, and why it would need to be integrated into Cubase?

Would like to when I am done for the night, with one key switch, upload all files in the song I am working on to the cloud automatically excluding any files which have already been uploaded and are identical and deleting any files which are no longer in the pool or trash. When working on another computer, easily find that song on the cloud and make sure that the song on both computers are up to date and with identical files and no extra files which are no longer in the pool or the trash.

I don’t want to have to use another program to do this. It is easier with one program. I hope you can finally understand this. If not, please do not respond. This post is intended really for Steinberg staff. They are engineers and will understand me.

Nice one - you can’t just close down discussion with a condescending comment like that. I’m an engineer, FTR.

I now understand you. But you’re missing the point. You’re asking for something to be added into the program which is totally outside its remit, and for which there are already perfectly good solutions available on the market. It would involve an enormous amount of overhead in an area which is totally new, and one which there is a considerable amount of competition already present. Aside from the “files that are no longer in the pool” functionality, this already exists in dropbox, etc. If you purged the files from the disc that are in the trash, then it would work exactly as you describe.

Given that there are things that have been outstanding for years that haven’t been fixed, I think you’re barking up the wrong tree asking for something that’s a step change in program functionality, outside the program’s remit and already catered for by 3rd party solutions, but what do i know? This post wasn’t intended for me…

It’s always easier and less problematic when a function is integrated into the software. Try not to install too much software on your DAW. There is always a chance you will screw something up or you can introduce more vulnerabilities, conflicts or problems in the registry.

Aloha guys, just to chime in.

Agreement with CubeDAW on this topic.

Try not to install too much software on your DAW. There is always a chance you will screw something up or you can introduce more vulnerabilities, conflicts or problems in the registry.

WORD!! Big Time!!

Back on topic.

I found this Cubase 7.5 feature:

And once you’re done, you can upload sounds and mixes directly to SoundCloud. Plus,

(scroll down to: ‘VST Connect SE 2’ info)

Seems the ‘upload’ feature is already built-in and just needs to be ‘pointed at’/directed to’ other urls.
So as CubeDAW requested, why not just ‘directly’ upload yer project to a Steiny storage facility?

Besides Steiny might be able to make a few extra $$ by doing/hosting this.

To be honest, (except for specific updates/grades) my ax never goes on-line so
I would not be able to use this feature/function;
but for those users who do connect to the innertoobs,
IMHO this could be a win-win.
(or a mac-mac :slight_smile: :slight_smile:)

I still don’t agree.

This isn’t simple “upload to a website that has an easily used API” situation. Upload to soundcloud is an hour’s work to implement. Cloud storage (or anything with file comparison and versioning) which works properly is totally different, and would take significant investment in time and money to get going - in a market where there are already well established situations. FTR my main DAW isn’t connected to the Internet for precisely the reasons you say, but having said that I have plenty of clients who don’t take this route, and none of them have any issues. One even uses cloud backup for all his work as he has important clients with short tempers.

Anyway, two issues instantly spring to mind with what you’ve just said:

  1. WTF would we want to pay Steinberg any more $$$? Having a closed solution (without a market) would mean precisely that they could charge whatever they think they can get away with for this feature.

  2. There will be LOADS of security problems. Steinberg isn’t security-aware; they’re not really network-aware as far as Cubase is concerned, so I think it incredibly likely that there would be security holes a mile wide, ready to be exploited.

No this is wrong. It can be easily integrated into existing services. I am sorry you don’t have a good understanding of engineering.

use owncloud: automatic cloud sync , either paid service or set up your own machine.

I’ll move this free-ish ranging topic to theh lounge for further discussion.

“Upload to soundcloud is an hour’s work to implement.”

Don’t know about that took me like 10 minutes from start to finish. Personally I backup my project to an external hard drive and leave it the trunk of my car. So if my house burnt down I still have them. I also use a synology NAS box as an extra layer of backup protection. I’m not a fan of cloud storage for business critical type work, it is dependent on the quality of your internet connection, also there is the security aspect of cloud systems. I think implementing an auto upload to cloud feature in Cubase would be futile. Cloud storage systems change all the time and to keep it updated would be a major p.i.t.a for the programmers who have to implement the APIs.

Just my 2 cents

I have a good understanding of it, I think it’s you that doesn’t! Check Mr. Beer’s reply (above) - it would be a constant issue for the programmers to have to deal with. And what you were asking for wasn’t an extension of existing services, it’s creating a bespoke service, and one which wouldn’t be particularly easy to implement regardless of route taken. What you want already 99% exists, and integrating it into Cubase would be a completely new step and outside the current remit.

Personally, I don’t depend on cloud storage as it’s a constantly changing market and thus a perpetually moving target. What I depend on today suddenly stops working in the morning when yet another tech startup realizes they don’t have a way to monetize their work and thus shuts down the company and / or project. Or starts charging significant money for what was once free.

In fairness, I’ve made a living for a couple of decades as a software develooper so I’m more likely to roll my own solutions anyway. However, I realize that most people don’t have that luxury.

That said, from a pragmatic point of view I think the future is much more likely to include some kind of cloud integration in Cubase than it is to address issues that have been around for years, for one simple reason. New releases aren’t about making your existing cutomers happy. You already have their money. The only point of a new release is to get the market excited enough to spend new money. That’s what drives the decisions on which features go into a release, and it’s very, very marketing driven.

The industry term for this is making your software “100% buzzword compliant.” Give marketing something trendy that they can sell. Cloud is trendy. Therefore, it’s likely that something will be added to a new release that at the very least gives them the ability to use the word “cloud” in their marketing campaign. Programmers rarely push back on this because, like musicians, they want to play with the coolest new toys (and it enhances the resume). Is it better to make yet another tweak to a feature you already have, or add a new, trendy feature that marketing can get people excited about? From a business perspective, this is the mother of all no brainers.

Don’t mistake this for a poke at Yamaha / Steinberg. It’s not. I found a home with Cubase after trying pretty much every major DAW out there, often for extended periods, and I like it very much. I also have a number of the UR series audio interfaces as well as the CMC controllers. If I didn’t like the way they did business, I would vote with my wallet - elsewhere.

I don’t really care about cloud features one way or the other. I just think it’s likely to see them in the next year or two because it will help them sell more software. And personally, I hope they sell lots of new software. As 99.9% of Silicon Valley tech startups learn the hard way, it doesn’t matter how cool your stuff is. If you don’t make money, you go out of business. Well, at least when you can no longer find suckers, also known as venture capitalists, to live off of. When a company goes out of business, they take the software you depend on with them. No more fixes or upgrades of any kind. Game over.

As for all those things you guys have been waiting years for the fix on, good luck with that. They already have your money. I’m not saying it’s the way things outta be, merely pointing out how life in the world of professional software development works. A plan based on reality has a much greater chance of success than wishful thinking.

I see that they now have cloud storage for export audio in version 8, not exactly what my request was. This was a request I put under the Cubase 7 Feature request and suggestions section of the forum but a moderator moved it here. I wish he would leave me the hell alone. He keeps doing this to me. Annoyed as hell about it!

Cubase integration to the cloud? No thanks, just make software that records music. Next request will be integration to watch porn & play Super Mario in a winow…or better yet, why not include a free tube of pimple cream with every Steinberg purchase :unamused: :mrgreen: