Cloud sync for Templates?

Hi all!

I have DP4 running on two machines, and would like to save Templates into a cloud-synced folder. Can do?


To be honest we’ve never tried it, so I don’t know whether it would work. In theory there’s no reason why you couldn’t use an alias for the Project Templates folder inside your Dorico 4 user data folder, but it’s not something we considered during the implementation of the feature and nor is it something we’ve tested, so it’s definitely not a supported operation. You can try it without too much fear, I’d say, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work perfectly.



I’m unable to get this to work. Here are some repro steps:

  1. Create a folder called Project-Templates in a remote shared location (I’m using a folder within my Dropbox folder)
  2. Create a symbolic link to it from within the Dorico 4 user data folder:

ln -s ~/Dropbox/Settings/Dorico/Project-Templates $HOME/Library/Application\ Support/Steinberg/Dorico\ 4/Project\ Templates

  1. Start Dorico
  2. Create a project
  3. File | Save As Project Template… (Category = foo, Name = bar)
  4. A project file bar appears in the sub-folder foo of the remote dropbox folder as expected, however Dorico 4 can’t open it.
  5. File | New Project From Template… allows one to navigate to the file bar but throws up an “Error opening file” modal dialog box when opening it.
  6. Similarly, double clicking on the file foo in the finder launches Dorico 4 and attempts to open it, but throws up the same modal dialog,

A shame, because sharing project templates between machines would be extremely useful.

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