CLP 470, MTrack MAudio, Cubase 8 and USB or MIDI cables???

Hi all,
I would like to start recording on Cubase 8 (C8) something from my Clavinova, I am new in this techniques so be patient please.
I have this hardware:

  • Yamaha clavinova CLP 470 with both USB MIDI out and in-out old style MIDI ports (pentapolar)
  • usb external MIDI controller M-Track M-Audio
  • Pc HP Envy Intel I7, 12gb ram with Beats Audio system and w10 as upgrade from w8
  • actually I have only M-Audio ASIO drivers installed but I tried also Asio4All, Yamaha USB MIDI driver and Yamaha Steinberg USB MIDI drivers

1st question:
I tried to use the USB cable with both standard USB MIDI driver and Yamaha Steinberg USB MIDI (that should have ASIO driver embedded) but in no case Cubase has recognized the Clavinova as MIDI device, nor it allowed to take control of the instrument. with the standard driver it’s possible to select Clavinova as input but it’s disabled as output, with Yamaha Steimberg Driver (downloaded from link in Steinberg site) didn’t work at all, opening driver control panel don’t show any instrument attached.
any suggestion? I am doing something wrong?
2nd question:
now I am using MIDI cables connected with the M-Audio but neither in this case i can control the instrument properly
for sure I am missing something essential…in configuration or something else
last question:
anyone uses Yamaha Silent Brass (for trumpet) and does connects this device to a controller or pc to acquire sounds from it?

thanks for reading


In case you did not get this sorted…

A couple of things to know.

First, you need to install the latest ASIO driver available for your M-Audio interface. After you install the driver, choose it in the Cubase Devices<Device Setup<VST Audio System menu. Go to the m-audio website for the latest win 10 driver.

Next, go to the Cubase VST Connections menu and set up the M-Audio “Inputs” and “Outputs”.

Now the keyboard:
1- Connect the usb midi cable to the computer (not the M-Audio interface) before starting Cubase. Your PC needs to recognize it.
2- Turn on the power to your keyboard.
3- To use your keyboard to send midi you need to set your keyboard to “local off”. See your keyboard manual page 57 for how to set this.
4- Start Cubase after the previous steps are completed or Cubase will not recognize the keyboard. In Cubase use a “instrument track” to record your keyboard. For the track input routing choose “all midi inputs”. For the track instrument setting choose a vst instrument such as Halion Sonic SE. Choose a instrument sound from what is available in Halion.

You should be all set. Please familiarize yourself with the keyboard manual section for how to connect to a computer and the section explaining the local on/off settings.

Regards. :sunglasses:

thanks a lot, very clear, I didn’ see at all the section on the manual :slight_smile:
best regards