club cubase dec 2016 link?

anyone know where this is?

I am waiting for this one to…

When I went to view it an hour or so after the live stream, the video only had eleven plus minutes of video and no audio. Thinking perhaps the full version would take time to post, I revisited a couple later only to be with greeted an error message.

My sense is that we now wait for the January session.
In the mean time, Club Cubase has many useful C9 videos available.

There has been a Club Cubase hangout of about 90 minutes, however there were technical difficulties that rendered the audio useless. There will be a Q&A hangout in the near future.

When is this gonna be? Are the dates posted anywhere?

Any news on this please?

There already has been one for January 2017, but I don’t know if it has been archived.