Club Dorico

Would it not be possible to organize a ‘Club Dorico’, like we have for Cubase. See for example,

Would be extremely useful to have very regular live streams where we can all ask our questions.

Wouldn’t > this come close?

Four hours!!! :flushed: Is it by Scorsese?

We already have John Barron’s excellent Discover Dorico sessions, which cover topics comprehensively.

I really hate it when he’s doing something about, say percussion, and someone asks a totally irrelevant question about printing, or guitar tab; and he has to interrupt the topic and answer it.

Most of those questions could easily be answered here, in about 5 mins!


A nice idea. But I think it would be difficult to implement, because if it is true that many questions for Dorico would be about workflow, techniques, options, etc… many other would be more of visual nature, needing pictures or examples files to show which result one is searching for, and this aspect makes such a project not much conceivable in my opinion.

[Edit: and yes as @benwiggy points out there are the wonderful videos of @John_at_Steinberg (John Barron), @Anthony_at_Steinberg (Anthony Hughes) and @Markus_Hartmann (in German), that are a gold mine of information and learning. And of course: this incredible useful and friendly Forum :slight_smile: ]

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The videos by John Barron are excellent and very helpful. The Club Cubase has a different concept. It’s organized every few days and one can ask any question over the chat, which Greg then answers and demonstrates.

100%! I personally am not a fan of these multi-hour livestreams which are cluttered with all kinds of different (off)topics and questions. Would rather get my question answered here in a few minutes and spend the rest of my time composing… :wink:

I don’t know, I think it would be a different format and kind of cool.

It almost might make more sense for it not to be an official Steinberg-sponsored event, just a skilled user.