ClubCubase videos

They added some Cubase7 videos …

MASSIVE mixer improvement ahead! :sunglasses:

improvements look amazing… gonna take a LONG while to incorporate these into old workflows !!! :blush:

are these the official training videos? they certainly look it…

Yea I saw those. Very cool and can’t wait for next Wednesday


its far more, and far better thani originally thought and i was pretty stoked about it when it first got announced

i have most of the major daws and this mixer is now the most versatile out there

Ah Man…where did they go? Took a quick look this morning but had to work. Now that I have time, they’re gone!


haaa? nothing new there ! :imp:

dam that sucks… hopefully they’ll be back up by Dec 5th. Since there won’t be a manual for a while I was planning on using those videos to help me learn the new mixer.

seems the videos are marked as private now :confused:
Oh, well! They’ll be back after Dec5!

awwww why did they take these down I was so excited to see more!!

did they reveal any new stuff we should know about?

they were good and informative - can’t remember everything; which is why I’d been back to take another look and saw they’ve gone…! So came here…

Can’t give a blow-by-blow account but what I recall is that they didn’t reveal anything boldly ‘new’ as such. They did elaborate a deal on what we’ve already seen.

MixConsole (pt1)

  • scaleability of design; choosing what you want displayed; use of the ‘visibility’ pane; linking channels (what you can do with linked channels); anchoring channels (keeping chosen channels in view whilst scrolling to view all others); routing; Q-link button (quick link - which applies same settings to linked channels(?)); use of Copy A-B settings inside plugins

MixConsole (pt2)

  • mostly about the Channel-strip; what it contains; how you show/view things there; copy/paste settings; the Channel Edit window; the EQ display; inspector;

MixConsole (pt3)

  • Control Room (VST connections. No real changes here, except you can name your cue sends to something sensible); talkback; Dim function; Listen function; setting up of cue mixes; Metering

    Greg Ondo is good, and it was welcome to have done these more ‘in-depth’ videos; there was a slight sense that these were not ‘fully baked’ in that some of the points were not quite seen through. A sentence would finish, you think you were going to see/hear the result of whats just been pointed out… instead, we are on to another topic… hey, and maybe that’s just me…!

Surely they will come back on line, Dec 5th :slight_smile:

Oh, and I am DEFINITELY updating…!!


yeah, more videos from Greg! He should start at the upper left corner of the screen and work his way down to the lower right corner, clicking pixel by pixel and make a video of everything he finds! :sunglasses: :laughing:

its down I guess. all I can see is Cubase 6

I created the videos on a new computer whose internal display resolution did not agree with a high quality playback on YouTube. I uploaded the videos overnight and made them private as the video resolution was pretty poor when I saw them the next morning. I have come up with a workaround and will be redoing the videos on December 4th. I will try to get through all of the MixConsole again and have the videos posted on the SteinbergSoftware and ClubCubase YouTube Channels shortly thereafter.

I have also learned a lot of cool new tips and have done several presentations of it so the videos will benefit. If someone desperately needs to see the former videos in the meantime PM me with your email address and I can grant you access to the private videos.

I am sorry for the confusion.

All the best,


Greg rocks, thanks!

Yes, thank you for your work Greg! :slight_smile:

Thanks Greg.
your videos are always pleasant and informative. :sunglasses:

Great news! It’s just tough and boring when you have to redo stuff, so extra thanx for doing that! :sunglasses:

Yes - much appreciated for the videos Greg, and for posting (explanations) here…!

And as HowlingUlf says, it is tough and boring having to re-do stuff, so double-thanks.! Looking forward to the new/added insights… :slight_smile:

Thank you for links and your help. Great videos.