Clueless podcaster trying to record multiple tracks

Hello out there.

I have a Lexicon Alpha and am using Cubase LE 4. I have one microphone coming into the XLR in the back and another microphone (with a pre-amp) going into the instrument jack. Signal looks equal and sounds strong for both in the Cubase recording software. But is there a way to record both on one track? Or possibly record each on a separate track but at the same time? It seems I can only record from one line or the other, switching the stereo in to right or left in the Cubase project.

Or is there an easier way to record an interview with this equipment?

I fell like I’m missing something and getting so very frustrated.


Create 2 mono tracks, set the left input to the first and the right input to the second. You should be able to record both this way.

I will be able to record the tracks simultaneously while doing the interview?

Yes, definitely.