Clues on spacing behavior

Hi all–
I’m really intrigued by the default behavior of Dorico in the attached screenshot. Notice both pages are in completely default settings. And yet, the page on the left is spaced more widely than the page on the right, even though there are the same number of staves. Does anyone know why? The best I can figure is there is some behavior related to the lyrics pushing things away on the right. I would have expected the more condensed version to be on the left, not the right, considering the (lack of) content.

My guess is that it’s as simple as the fact that you have some empty bar rest measures in the right page, allowing a small extra bar or 2 on a system, and as you surmise “a lack of content” (the ultimate lack of content!), as well as the difference in the size of the lyric syllables.

Your left frame is justifying both staves and systems, and your right is justifying only the distance between systems. It’s a percentage threshold thing.

Set your “justify staves and systems” value higher, and adjust vertical spacing between staves in Layout Options.

Thanks. That was the trick.

Sorry for misunderstanding that you were talking about the vertical spacing of staves and systems (doh!).