Cluster middle notehead alignment trouble

I’m having troubles with the cluster notehead I had downloaded from the forum here (now cannot find the post, would appreciate if someone would be able to locate it again).
The bottom and top cluster look fine, I think, but the middle one is not well aligned. I tried my best to fiddle with the options but the fact that there is no “Apply” button to help us see the effect of the changes is making this into a whack-a-mole exercise.

What setting should I change to get the middle notehead to align with the top and bottom ones? I’ve tried changing attachments, add stems to many different points of the compass so that now I’m also geographically lost, but nothing seems to change in the score…

How are you managing clusters at the moment?

Then, personal taste question: once we manage to get this to be properly aligned, would you keep the original stem there?

You’ll need to attach a project if you want any assistance.

Sorry, I thought it may have been an evident issue from the picture.
Here is a new project with those noteheads.
All my considerations and questions are in the comments inside the project.
Thank you
Cluster noteheads.dorico (573.2 KB)

It may be that there’s something cleverer you can do with attachments for these noteheads

In the meantime I cheated it with a text space - I think we shared a thread a few days ago where I provided a similar cheat for something else.

Revised file attached. I’ve only done the quarter note (and shorter) notehead, but hopefully you can figure out how to fix up the hollow noteheads similarly.
Cluster noteheads LN.dorico (1007.2 KB)

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I was about to suggest something similar. The issue is that when you stack multiple glyphs together, Dorico ends up ignoring the side bearings of the different characters: the cluster middle glyph (U+E136) has appropriate side bearings, but when you stack them together, Dorico reverts to looking at just the bounding box around what is actually drawn. Another approach would be to create your own glyphs that are two or three times taller than the standard ones included in Bravura, and use them instead (but then of course you have the issue that you would need to distribute your font with your project if you need to send it to other collaborators).


Thank you so much!
Yes, I remember, it just didn’t come to my mind that such a trick could be so useful in other situations!

It would be great if glyphs, being vectors, could be stretched independently in different directions. I know this may be way out of scope.

This is what I can see in the longer cluster middle noteheads:

Still, without the space-trick, this time place at X=1.20, it doesn’t move at all.