Cluster notation

I nearly finished the notation of a composition in 3 notation programs. The results in Dorico are the best and also I needed only about 60% from the time I need with the other programs, although I know the other programs much beter than Dorico. I still had some doubts, but from now on, I will only work with Dorico.
But I have one problem: This composition will be published. But I need therefore symbols for clusters.
I don’t know: should I wait for Cluster symbols in Dorico, or should I finish the notation in one of the other programs?
Daniel, do you know when cluster notation will be added? I can wait a few months, but unfortunately not longer.
Best, Maximilian

I can’t make any specific promises about when cluster notation might be added, I’m afraid. Unless we’re actively working on something right at the moment and can feel reasonably confident about when a feature will be finished, I can’t give any guarantees, and I’m afraid our small team is not presently working on clusters.

Depending on the number of clusters you have to deal with, and what kind of cluster notation you’re looking for, you might be able to approximate something using Shift+X text and the symbols from the Note clusters range in Bravura.

Thank you! I will try this.

Is there happening anything on the cluster notation in Dorico, its been a while since last comment?
Best Sten

No. You can use custom note heads to more easily achieve the look of what you want.

…by which you presumably mean “yes”?

This thread predates the Notehead Sets Editor.

I certainly meant “no,” as the common parlance isn’t easily confused with its opposite. :wink: But either way, there’s the notehead sets editor.