Cluster of Capsule

From bottom going clockwise: Rode K2 w/nos telefunken, Neumann u87, Lewilson 247c, 3-Zigma gk67, CAD Vsm-1 w/nos jan/philips 5751

Oh, It is on. Just did a cluster today with a little acoustic guitar and vocal. Very interesting results. I haven’t done cluster micing in a while.

So far, one thing to say: On vocals the 247c is wonderful, interactive and organic. And this is with ME singing :laughing:

uber cool, wires are a bit messy though :laughing:

lol… Which one was that… Oh, that is a bad tube mic cable that I keep forgetting to separate from all the rest. Darn thing ruins every shot because I coil and hang the slack at the mic once connected to it. :laughing:

Really rackin’ up on the mics, eh? How many do you have now (if you can count that far)? :stuck_out_tongue:

4000 :blush: :laughing:

I do use most of them too. :smiley:

:whistle: :exclamation:

That would cover most drum kits :laughing: :laughing:

Damn you Steve! You beat me to it! :imp:

Well I’m happy that no one mentioned diaper nuggets

You just did?