CMC-AI in Wavelab Pro 10

Hi there,

I generally use the CMC-AI controller extensively in Cubase, and I just started using Wavelab Pro 10.

In Wavelab, the AI knob works really great for scrolling horizontally, toggling play/stop, and when I point the cursor to the Master Fader works great there too, and the AI blue led lights up properly.

But when I hover over the parameter of the Master RIG or if I load the Studio EQ, the knobs are not responsive to the AI wheel, even if the AI editing shows up in the Remote Devices option. Any suggestions on how to make this work?

Thanks in advance for any help!!

I have the same issue with wavelab 10 pro and the cmc ai . My Cmc TP also has issues in Wavelab. The leds and the strip does not work anything like how beautifully it works in Cubase.
Full functionality would be huge! CMC hardware is so elegant I would pay extra for CMC functionality in wavelab that is equal to Cubase CMC functionality !