CMC AI LEDs in Wavelab

I’ve been using the CMC AI with Wavelab 7 for a month or so, and I can say it’s a really nice controller with the provided (and some way adjustable) remote template. With a firmware update (V1.1), now in Cubase 7.02 you can switch on the LED dimmer lighting option, that means the LEDs will always stay dim, and it is quite useful in a dark studio situation. I can imagine, that it is done with some MIDI sysex message, and reading this topic: I understand, that it’s not that simple to give that functionality to Wavelab. But the CC121 LED blinking and the CMC series LED dimmer thing adds up, so maybe it would be worth the effort to support the firm’s own Yamaha-Steinberg hardwares. That way maybe the CMC’s F1-F4 function buttons inability to show status with LED could be addressed as well, but that’s another story, and I think a firmware update would have to be done first for that.

I’ve just made a test. First I started Cubase 7, but in the Device setup I disconnected the input for the CMC AI. Then started Wavelab 7, so that way the LEds are in the dimmer status and otherwise the CMC AI working the normal way. So I can imagine a simple solution: A small application sending the needed sysex, which can be started manually or with a routine when starting Wavelab.

agreed! I just have my cmc ai for less then a week but i’m already kind of missing the leds lighting up on the F1 > F4 buttons. Would be really nice to see that indeed even though it might by eyecandy only, it is possible. :slight_smile:

The F1-F4 Function buttons’ visual feedback i s not eyecandy. With the Wavelab 7 template for example when you push F2 or F3 you can use the AI knob for zooming the waveform horizontally or vertically. But you have to push it again to leave that function and to return to the basic function: to move the cursor. If you use it for zooming and start editing right away (and forget to switch back) then after editing you do not have any clue on the state of the AI knob. If you use it for Jog, Volume or for AI editing then you have clear visual feedback with these buttons’ LEDs.