CMC AI: lock only for Steiny, right?

Hi all.

I added a CMC AI to my setup. I was thriled by the idea to lock the wheel to something i need to access all the time…

However, I discovered that only Steinberg plugins and C6 channel parameter can be locked (e.g. no UAD). Is that by design or am I missing some options setting?


I’m not exactly sure, but I found this in the manual:


Thanks for your input.

I don’t think thats it. Almost all plugins are controllable with the AI wheel, and thats good. Only the lock function seems to be limited to Steinberg SW…


None of my waves or fabfilter plugins work with the cmc-ai knob at all…and are all vst3 versions im using.
Still waiting on a reply/solution from steinberg.
This going on months and months now, its just sitting on my desk gathering dust.

It seems a bit like a bit of a pointless purchase now.
Great potential just not there yet.