CMC AI no good

I’m using cubase 7.0.7 and just got a CMC AI, use it on pan and volume fader is fine but ai-knob couldn’t controll most plugins parameters, and what really make things worse is most of the time it won’t link with cubase, I need to close cubase and unplug CMC usb cable and plug it back, then relaunch cubase for CMC AI to work.

what is wrong with this controller?
I have update the firmware and doesn’t improve anything,
and I wonder why left so much space on top that’s enough to pack another 4 or 8 customizable buttons.

Regarding the space at the top, surely you must have wondered this before you bought it.

In regard to your main problem, is it possible that you have it plugged into a USB3 slot?
Is it plugged into a powered Hub?

Hi All

Strange, no problems here on 7.5.1, works beautifully mostly, even on my UAD plugs, which surprised me. It doesn’t control NI Kontakt however which I use a lot, and most older plugs it won’t work with either, it’s to do with VST3 I think (put me right here Brihar). I find it mostly useful for controlling the mixer however, particularly with a lot of tracks, saves huge amounts of mouse clicking.

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It’s worked for me 100% in every version since 7.0, in fact it even works in C5.
VST3 is correct. There are a number of controls however, (especially in the control room), for which they seem to have forgotten to include the AI control extension.

yeh, I have wondered the space at the top before I bought it, and that’s why I only get CMC AI, I thought CMC might work better in cubase than anything else but no, suprise you can’t assign the ai-knob click to do other things, and if you can’t control with your mouse scroll wheel, you can’t control it with ai-knob either, so what’s the point to put two mouse scroll wheel on my desk?

only good news is, I was plug it on my computer’s usb2, I try it on my usb3 powered hub and now problem solved.

Hi All

One more thing that’s happened since I got the CMC AI about 3 weeks ago, the Jog function has suddenly become VERY useful, I really like it!

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Hi there!
Did anyone try CMC AI on Cubase Pro 8.5? Does it work? (Compatibility chart stops at 8.0…)
I am considering buying this specific module, since it is now rather cheap and the AI knob looks really useful. I also checked and there is an update for Mac OS 10.11.


All CMC works here on Cubase 8.5 x64