CMC and CC121 Compatibility with Win 8.1

In the recent post by Steinberg on win 8 compatibility its lists the CMC controllers and the CC121 as not compatible, does this mean they don’t work at all and when will this be fixed/updated?

I can only speak for the CMC, but I haven’t noticed anything not working. I have everything but the AI and all is working as before on Win 8.1.

Thanks JMcecil, that’s good to know. I wonder why its listed as not compatible, hoping an update is issued soon. I was surprised that 8.1 would have any affect on things as I thought it was more of a service pack but hopefully someone from SB will chime in and confirm.

Look here…

Update comes on December

That part in the box that says “Update scheduled for December” seems to be listed next to the MR816, there are no comments for either the CMC series or the CC121.

I received a cmc 6 pack on 22nd November, the day of the announcement on this forum that the cmc series was not compatible with Windows 8.1, which is the OS on my laptop. Seems to work the same as on my Windows 7 desktop. Curious…


Yep still waiting for a reply from SB on this.

I’m planning to buy CMC-TP.
Can anyone confirm that it actually works with Win8.1, despite the official “not supported” statement?

I just tried it on my laptop with Windows 8.1 and it seems to work fine.

Thanks JamesTNL!

I’m planning to use it as a kind of a remote control while recording drums, or vocals (in a cabin) and can’t reach the desk with the PC keyboard. I hope my choice is right.

Can confirm all working fine with Cubase 7.5 and Windows 8.1