CMC and Cubase Pro 10

Has anyone tried CMC and Cubase Pro 10 ?
are they working fully?

Yes, working fine here, cmc-fd, tp, qc and ch.

Please can you tell me how you made them work because I buyed one I connect it to my Mac Pro and Cubase 10 .0.30 Pro and it doesnt work at all
Thank You for your help

did you install the midi driver and cmc software


I can’t speak for MacOs. My hints are coming from a Windows world. Perhaps to some degree applicable to MacOS too.

For those devices (CMC) a Generic Remote device is to be set up for each device. In there in the top half of the configuration, the knobs or buttons have to be added and for each of them the midi CC code ist to be entered or “learned”. In the bottom half, for each learned knob or button, a (Cubase) function is to be assigned (e.g. VSTMixer->Pan for a knob or fader).

Perhaps that helps a bit.

LG, Juergi

Edit: Just saw sd1989’s hints. Sounds more promising. But can’t help on those tools.

PC here…still working on my setup.